Financial Advice From Successful People

Sometimes we need some inspiration to get back on track. Here are some great quotes from people who want you to experience your own greatness: Wayne Dyer, PH.D., Author of The Power of Intention In an interview with Ray Hemachandra, Wayne Dyer said: “Money always has come to me, because I always have seen myself as […]

Financial Worksheet | Regain Control of Your Finances

First things first, write it down! If you want to create a life where you are conscious of what is taking place, you have to write it down. This gives you a clear vision, making it easy to regain control.  Whether you prefer pen and paper or budgeting and forecasting software, you will need budgeting […]

3 Personal Finance Books that Will Change Your Life For Good!

What Personal Finance Books Won’t Do For You: Ok, when you hear the phrase personal finance books, your mind probably adds a few words of its own to that phrase. Does tedious, boring, and incomprehensible sound about right to you? Well, for once, rejoice in the fact that you are wrong. Personal finance books are just that, personal! […]