3 Must-Have Resources for Creating Your Personal Budget Spreadsheet

Ready to create a personal budget spreadsheet but don’t know how? Just use these free and easy-to-use resources:


  • Allow AARP’s money tools to help you organize your finances.
  • Use the calculators as a personal budget spreadsheet.
  • From the debt consolidation calculator to mortgage tax savings calculator and everything in between, you are bound to find a budget spreadsheet to fit your every need.
  • Also, read the comments by registered users.  They offer invaluable tips to help you achieve financial security.


  • Mint.com is an invaluable resource, and its free!
  • Mint gives you a complete picture of your finances–both a sobering and empowering action to take for your financial life.
  • See exactly where every penny goes and become aware of how and where you misuse your money.
  • Mint.com will even send you a text or email when you have gone over your budget.
  • Use this software as your budgeting worksheets.
  • Just enter your data–your account is kept anonymous.
  • Educate yourself by reading the blog (topics include savings, trends, retirement, housing, and more).
  • Let Mint create a personal budget for you, get your taxes in order,  and use the free online management tool (check out calculators as well as video tutorials).


Personal Budget Spreadsheet Tips:

  • Remember to make budgeting as simple as possible. You will not keep with your financial plan if you dread it.  Simply work on your budget spreadsheet for 15-30 minutes on a weekly or a bi-monthly basis depending on your rotation of income.

  • If you get frustrated–stop! When you bring frustration into any activity you will always associate that activity with failure or anger. Take a breather when you need too. Don’t make budgeting into an emergency that must get done now! Remember, emergencies consist of bear attacks and fires not filling out a budget spreadsheet.
  • Make budgeting a fun ritual and you will keep up with it. Perhaps every time you work on your budget spreadsheet you put on your favorite music and drink a cup of coffee or tea. Keep it relaxing and fun and there is no telling what you will accomplish with your money.

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