Budgeting for a Brilliant Life: How a Budget Adds Value to Your Money …

… Without Having to Increase Your Income

Why Budget? For one simple reason: we all deserve a quality life.

What does budgeting have to do with a quality life? More than you would initially think. Consider this typical scenerio:

You work hard everyday but you never have enough money for extravagant things like vacations, cars, etc. So, you spend your money on little things here and there as a little pick-me-up. Every morning you buy a donut and coffee, it’s not much but your feel a little better for a moment. You eat out a lot because maybe you can’t afford that vacation in Hawaii, but you can afford to get a cheeseburger when you want one. On the weekends you go to the movies and out to the pub for some beer.

By the end of of your pay period, you are nearly broke. If you just make it a few more days until payday, you will be fine. But you need gas, or you need an oil change. Perhaps you get sick and you need to get some over-the-counter medicine. You rarely go grocery shopping so you need food to last until you get paid. So, you pull out the credit card and promise yourself you will not use it again and that you will pay off the purchases once you get paid. But when you do get paid, you feel empty and want to enjoy the money you work so hard for. So, you eat out, go to the pub, buy a new toy, etc. And the cycle continues.

This above scenerio is how a lot of people live. There is not much quality to this kind of lifestyle.

When You Don’t Budget:

  • You feel overwhelmed by money
  • You believe that your main goal is too make sure everyone else gets paid first (bills, debt, etc)
  • You have a very limited control over how your life is spent
  • You feel stuck
  • You fear the future because you can’t financially afford emergencies
  • You are blinded to the fact that you have an enormous amount of power over your own life
  • You become resentful of other people who have created a healthy relationship with money and use it to truly enhance their lives (not through cheeseburgers, beers, toys, etc)

Budgeting is Life Changing. When You stick to a budget you:

  • Take responsibility for your life–the best self esteem builder available!
  • Realize your own importance and include yourself by paying yourself
  • Value yourself enough to value your money–therefore only spending money on items truly worthy of you
  • Become the Captain of your life’s course
  • Allow your money to work for you and enhance your state of being
  • Regularly succeed in accomplishing goals

Do not underestimate the power of budgeting! There are many ways to budget and they are all simple. Budgeting is a way of life, but it is not time consuming. Budgeting is not about sacrifice or lack, it is 100% about you living a fabulous life.

Budgeting is an adventure. You will constantly discover money you never thought you had. Your frivilous days will be over and you will learn to be pro-active in your own life. No more waiting for the lottery or just resigning to life of unfullfilled dreams. If you want to go to Hawaii, you will budget for it. If you want a new car, you will budget for it. All you have to do is take action. It is literally as simple as writing numbers on a piece of paper as a routine. This is action. Reading this is taking action.

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Remember: It is not how much you make but how much you value the money you do make.

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