Budgeting Worksheets | Respect Yourself Enough to Respect Your Money

Is it finally time to take a good look at what is really going on? Good! You’re in for a treat. What you were trying to avoid isn’t real because the act of avoiding is what made it all so unbearable and hard. Now that you are willing to look at the truth of your finances, you can give yourself a good life. Using budgeting worksheets will give you information and that is exactly what you need. You need to see your life on paper and calmly change it through healthy thoughts and informed actions. Take a look and see if you are being wasteful. If you are, you are not valuing yourself. Begin to treat yourself well and respect yourself enough to respect your money. Respect is shown. Prove to yourself that you are of value and save you money as well as invest it only in things worthy of you. Budgeting worksheets will allow you to see your money grow, and that is a fantastic feeling!

Here are some fabulous websites that not only provide free, printable budgeting worksheets, but also offer invaluable financial news, advice, tips and more. Enjoy …

  • Mint.com – Mint.com is an invaluable resource, and its free! Mint gives you a complete picture of your finances–both a sobering and empowering action to take for your financial life.  See exactly where every penny goes and become aware of how and where you misuse your money. Mint.com will even send you a text or email when you have gone over your budget.  Use this software as your budgeting worksheets. This website wants you to be in control of your credit cards and will help you find ones that will save you money.  Here, you will set financial goals and stick to them.  Just enter your data–your account is kept anonymous.  Are you interested in learning more about investing?  Well, Mint wants to teach you. Educate yourself by reading the blog (topics include savings, trends, retirement, housing, and more). One informative and valuable post is 9 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Grocery Bill. Check out any articles featured in the Frugal Living and Becoming Wealthy sections of the blog if you are interested in reading more informative posts. Also, keep all your finances in one place with budgeting worksheets, let Mint create a personal budget for you, get your taxes in order,  and use the free online management tool (check out calculators as well as video tutorials).
  • SmartMoney.com – This website offers way more than just budgeting worksheets. . .and they offer all different types of those too.  From the net interest calculator budgeting worksheet to the asset allocation system for retirees to short-term investing and everything in between, you are sure to find what you need to calculate your current financial situation as well as your future finances. Also, while you’re visiting SmartMoney, read informative budgeting articles like 10 Things Cellphone Services Won’t Say and A Happier Happy Hour for Your Wallet. And with constant updates, you will be a financial wizard in no time. Bookmark this site. And remember to put those budgeting worksheets to use!
  • MyMoney.gov – The Federal Government’s website dedicated to helping Americans learn more about their money-how to save it, invest it, and manage it to meet their personal goals. Find out here how to budget your money according to life events such as losing a job, getting married, or planning for retirement. Be sure to read informative articles like New Employee Saving Tips-Time is on Your Side. Check out resources for youth, military members, teachers, women, and more. Use tools like calculators and checklists.  Find budgeting worksheets that will work perfectly for you here too. Print out all the available resources for free and share it with those in your life.

Now that you have some great resources and know how to fully utilize budgeting worksheets, apply this great new knowledge to you life. You will enjoy the improvement.

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