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Ready to realize you have more than enough money for a satisfying life? Well, the way to do that is to make a budget and live by it.

What is the Secret to Living On a Budget? Perspective. Lets say you have $20. Now, supply and demand places a value on money, but so do you. If you see an item you would like to purchase–an item that doesn’t enhance your life–and you purchase it because “it is only $20”,  you are not placing value on your money. In a short time that product will be used up, discarded, or forgotten about.

So, what is your perspective on money? That is is not important and does nothing for you . . . you can throw it away on items that don’t matter.

There’s plenty of online resources out there when it comes to financial planning as well as home budget software and, here at Financial Planning & Budgeting, we want to help you save time by doing the research for you.  Here are some great websites that are going to help you educate yourself on how to use home budget software and where to find the best home budget software products.


This is a great website that you will want to bookmark.  Register for free to YNAB for live online classes such as Beginner Budget Workshop, Account Management, and more. Watch informative videos and learn how home budget software will help you achieve your goals.  The 4 rules of budgeting given at YNAB will change how you manage your money forever.  Also, if you are not sure if you want to purchase the home budget software offered, just try it for free with the free trial.  Be sure to take some time to watch the video tutorials and read the blog.  Some great reads include A New Lease on Life with a Tweak to your Cash Flow and How to Manage your Money Wisely: Better Software Makes it Worse


Use Mint.com as your home budget software (and so much more) for free! Mint gives you a complete picture of your finances–both a sobering and empowering action to take for your financial life.  See exactly where every penny goes and become aware of how and where you misuse your money. Mint.com will even send you a text or email when you have gone over your budget.  This home budget software website also wants you to be in control of your credit cards and will help you find ones that will save you money.  Here, you will set financial goals and stick to them.  Just enter your data–your account is kept anonymous.  Are you interested in learning more about investing?  Well, Mint wants to teach you. Educate yourself by reading the blog (topics include savings, trends, retirement, housing, and more). One great post is 9 Ways to Reduce Your Monthly Grocery Bill . Check out any articles featured in the Frugal Living and Becoming Wealthy sections of the blog if you are interested in reading more informative posts. Also, keep all your finances in one place with the home budget software, let Mint create a personal budget for you, get your taxes in order,  and use the free online management tool (check out calculators as well as video tutorials).


Use Openoffice spreadsheets to build your own home budget software. You will save money here because OpenOffice is free! Yes, totally free in all aspects of the word. Download OpenOffice now to use for education establishments, businesses, government establishments, not for profits, IT businesses,  personal use, and so much more.  Your new free software includes word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, graphics, databases, and more–just take a look.  OpenOffice.org is the perfect free place to build your own home budget software.  Now get to it!


This website has loads to offer.  Learn basic money management and watch how-to videos.  This place has lots of great tips and tons of great reads too. Check out Personal Budgeting: Build Your Budget and inform yourself with straight to the point definitions of terms like in Forecasting vs Budgeting. With Quicken, you can set goals and save, invest and track growth, and get support.  Browse products to find which home budget software is best for you.  From personal finance to home business and rental property to health care management and more, you will find yourself well-informed on software options after a visit to this site.


Money will always be apart of everyone’s life.  Finance is an unavoidable factor, so the sooner a person learns about finances and how to budget with products like home budget software, the better! ThreeJars is committed to teaching the youth how to be responsible with money.  Here they learn how to save and spend money wisely.  Take advantage of the free trial to make sure ThreeJars is the money-teaching tool for you and your kids.  This website is not an actual bank, but acts like an online bank for children. With the use of this software, young people can see the value of saving money and watch their interest grow.  With parental approval, kids also learn how to spend money, give money, and earn money.

Now that you have plenty of resources at your fingertips, finding and correctly using home budget software will be a breeze.

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