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Do you have a sick feeling every time the subject of money comes up? Are you living paycheck to paycheck? Do you feel discouraged, stuck, and unsuccessful? Do you need to build some good old-fashioned self-esteem and keep your word to yourself?  Is is time to realize your own value and know that you deserve your money to work for you?  Well, then home budgeting is going to be life changing for you.  Don’t underestimate its power.  Coming up with a financial plan is a simple way to drastically change the quality of your life. At Financial Planning Budgeting, we took the time to do some online resource research for you.  Use these sites to begin your home budgeting program. . .

  • CouponMom.com – Home budgeting is not just about a plan written on a piece of paper showing how much money goes where.  It also includes taking action to save money.  Coupons are a simple way to do just that.  CouponMom claims she can cut your grocery bills in half, and with a little planning, you certainly can.  She teaches you how to shop strategically and she shows you where to find the best deals and coupons.  Watch her show to learn from real-life grocery shopping situations (you’ll love the organic shopping episode where CouponMom lowers a grocery bill from a bit over 90 bucks to just under 14 dollars!).  Also, take a moment to become a member of the forums to join in on money-saving conversations with people just like you.
  • WalletPop.com – Powered by AOL Finance, Wallet Pop is the perfect website to find up-to-date home budgeting tips as well as crucial financial information. Educate yourself on home budgeting by reading budget articles or take the hands-on approach and use the free Wallet Pop finance calculators. These are not your standard calculators.  You can use them to help you budget in a new car or early retirement. You can even estimate the cost of raising a child.  Use them specifically for your home budgeting program to see exactly how much you are spending and where you spend it the most.  For a complete picture of your finances; use the results, graph, and table features on the home budgeting calculators.
  • Tip’d.com</a> – “A community for financial news, ideas, and tips.”  Use the personal finance news, ides, and tips provided at Tip’d to revolutionize your home budgeting system.  Read the articles or watch videos. Remember, Tip’d is a social media platform–so it’s interactive! Get out of your isolated financial world. Community is a key factor in growth, and you are not going to change your finances by dealing with it alone (you and your thoughts are what got you into this mess in the first place). So register and “tip” articles you enjoy. Also, if you have something to give,  submit stories of your own. Tip’d is also a great way to discover other informative finance websites that will help you develop home budgeting techniques and ideas that will last you a lifetime.

Now that you have valuable home budgeting resources within your reach, use them.  It is important not to underestimate the importance of learning new skills.  If your financial situation is not working for you, take action. Reading and educating yourself is taking action.  If you want something different, you have to think something different and then do something different. How you think matters. So broaden what you know and your world will expand.

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