The #1 Most Important Thing You Have to Do Now!

There is no getting around it. You must sit down and take a look at your finances. There is great freedom in doing this. Looking at your finances places you in the Captain’s chair. You are steering this boat now, not your emotions.

There are some out-dated beliefs and heavy emotions that might trip you while making this important first step, so here is a breakdown of the steps you can easily take now to change your finances.

The 3 Secrets to Creating Financial Freedom

1. The First Secret Will Cure Fear.

As stated above, you must face it! Avoidance destroys confidence. When you avoid something you believe there is something to fear. And once you believe there is something to fear, you feel fear. Fear is just a feeling. It is not an accurate indicator of the truth.

Fear is only valuable if it is useful. Fear is useful when there is a threat of attack. Fear is not useful when you are looking at numbers. Feel the fear, realize it is unnecessary and even damaging, and let it go. (Letting go means realizing the nature of emotions: they always pass. Don’t let fear be the decision maker when fear itself is a transient emotion.)

2. The Second Secret Will Make You Your Biggest Fan.

Forgive yourself! Maybe you have made some major financial mistakes. So what! All that matters is what you are doing now! Always make what you are doing now way more important than what you have done or failed to do in the past.

Besides, all the top financial experts made major financial mistakes too ( just check out Jean Chatzky’s, Dave Ramsey‘s, or Suze Orman’s story). How do you think they became experts? They made mistakes and learned from them. We have all heard this saying a million times, now put it to practice.

The best learning comes from mistakes–they are your treasures. If you scold yourself now, you will beat the will to change your life right out of you. Congratulate yourself for seeking knowledge.

3. The Final Secret. . .This Will Make You or Break You!

Reach out! Isolation will keep you in a problem every single time, guaranteed! Bring the light of day to your money issues. Communicate, read, and write it down!

That is how you learn. It’s simple–successful people learn. That is what makes them so successful. . .they focus on the solution, not the problem. There is always room for growth–always!

If you do not make room for a new perspective, solution, or idea–you are just making plenty of room for staying stuck.

Start Changing Your Life Now.

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