The toughest part about tracking your spending

The standard procedure for getting a handle on your spending is to track it for a month — track where every penny goes, and categorize the expenditures. Getting past a month is the toughest part.  It’s not too bad for the first few days of the month, but after a week, remembering to go through […]

Budgeting for a Brilliant Life: How a Budget Adds Value to Your Money …

… Without Having to Increase Your Income Why Budget? For one simple reason: we all deserve a quality life. What does budgeting have to do with a quality life? More than you would initially think. Consider this typical scenerio: You work hard everyday but you never have enough money for extravagant things like vacations, cars, […]

Budgeting Worksheets | Respect Yourself Enough to Respect Your Money

Is it finally time to take a good look at what is really going on? Good! You’re in for a treat. What you were trying to avoid isn’t real because the act of avoiding is what made it all so unbearable and hard. Now that you are willing to look at the truth of your […]