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Keep your emergency funds to emergencies

Fresh brains emergencyThis post over at Money Talks discusses what an emergency is, specifically as it pertains to when to dip into your emergency fund.

The examples that she brings up are (a) job loss and (b) medical emergency.  These are valid emergencies to me as well.  They’re the very reason that one sets up an emergency fund.

Some expenses that don’t qualify as being emergencies:

  • Vacation.  These should be planned for and budgeted for separately.
  • Regular home maintenance.  Maintaining a home requires regular budgeting for lawn care, gutter cleaning, painting, HVAC maintenance, etc.
  • Insurance and other periodic payments.  These can be amortized over each month.  They’re not a surprise.
  • Vehicle repair and replacement.  Cars don’t last forever.  Their replacement can be planned for.
  • Christmas.  Gift giving can be planned for and budgeted for.

Keep your emergency fund only for emergencies, and it will be there when you have a real need for it.

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Financial Planning & Budgeting | Have a Successful Life!

Financial Planning BudgetingIf you are reading this post, it means you recognize that you need some information. You are helping yourself and that means you don’t have to go at it alone. Congratulations. Allowing a concern to remain in your head only isolates you and the problem never gets to see the light of day. Isolation keeps the concerns alive and well … and escalating. Though, apparently, we don’t believe in conjunctions here at Financial Planning Budgeting, we do believe in good information. Here are some great websites we found that are designed to help you with your Financial Planning Budgeting needs, as well as providing tips on how to be successful, how to stay motivated and inspired, and how to keep growing and live your live fully and joyfully. And yes, your relationship with money will be affected by all this. Enjoy!

  • Success.com – Subscribe to this magazine’s newsletter to receive invaluable success tips right in your inbox. Watch videos featuring authors, inspirational speakers, financial experts and more. Watch Earl Nightingale–your life will be changed by his knowledge. Use it to live successfully. Here at Financial Planning Budgeting, we routinely watch this video and we are certain you will follow suit. Read Jillian Michaels’ Tough Love and learn how to create your own reality and stop being a victim. This is also great knowledge to apply to your finances. Also check out Dave Ramsey’s Take Control of Your Finances. Learn to plan and empower yourself. Take time to browse through this entire site and bookmark it. You will return to Success.com time and time again to learn about business, relationships, wealth, well-being and more.
  • 5DollarDinners.com – Getting a handle on your grocery bill is crucial in financial planning and budgeting. Check out this website’s detailed cooking instructions with accompanying helpful pictures. Also use the links provided to find money-saving coupons.  You can make your grocery list here and sign up for grocery giveaways. Try recipes like $5 tacos, bbq chicken pizza, and so many more. Use these recipes every night of the week. Remember to read the comments left by users for fantastic, tasty, money-saving tips from readers just like you. Print out meal planners to organize and budget your grocery shopping.
  • Patagonia.com – Ok, you are probably wondering why a website called Financial Planning Budgeting is linking to an outdoor clothing site. Well, simply, we find the story of Patagonia very inspiring and you will too. This company was founded by Yvon Chouinard–a climber and a highly successful business man featured on the cover of Fortune Magazine. If you are going to learn from the life of someone, make sure that person is going where you want to go. And if you want to do what you love, experience financial success, and practice your love for the environment while at work; then you will love Chouinard.
  • MommySavers.com – Get great tips, ideas, and resources on how to save money–this site will meet any financial planning budgeting needs you may have. Bookmark it! Connect with other frugal moms on the forum, watch videos, and find some of the best offers and deals online. The greatest thing about MommySavers is they are all about living well while being frugal. This is about having fun, not feeling a sense of lack or sacrifice. Besides, it feels great to save money! Be sure to read Mom’s Coffee Break to learn key mom information like how to release guilt, have fun, trust yourself, and stay intellectually stimulated. Also check out sections on family finances and tools and read articles on budgeting tips and more. Oh and don’t leave this site without jotting down some recipes from The Frugal Foodie.

Hope you can put these informative and helpful websites to good use in your life. Take a stroll through Financial Planning Budgeting to find more great information.

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Does Money Exist?

Back when I got my first car it nearly led to my death. Well, ok, maybe not. But I did have some suicidal thoughts over it. I seriously did, though that certainly doesn’t mean I was suicidal.

The reason for my suicidal thought? Money! I’m sure there are many who can relate. I was young and had no business buying a car without some help from a trusted friend. I really got taken for a ride. I purchased a used Dodge for the price of a brand new SUV.

It took me some time to realize the huge mistake I had made and when I did, I kept my mouth shut. I was embarrassed and angry. I knew the monthly payments were too much for me and that I got very little in return. I thought there was no way to recover. I was in financial ruin and probably going to be homeless and starving!

But guess what happened? Well, 15 years passed with lots of meals and homes and nights slept and comfortable beds. In fact, in the 5,479 days that I have lived since the time I stressed over all the money going to that car, I spent roughly 60 days worrying about it.

I got over it.

Think back. There are certainly many time you thought your life was going to be over because of money and instead you just went on living as normal. Everything turned out fine, didn’t it?

There is a wonderful quote in Stewart Lee Allen’s The Devil’s Cup that says:

There are only three things man needs for life. Air, water, and food. Is it not wonderful that God has provided the first, the most important, air, at no charge!

This is wonderful! We are the ones who place a value on things. Breath is so valuable. If you focus on it enough, you can even find joy in it. In The Tao of Willie, Willie says:

If you concentrate and listen to your own breathing, what you will hear is the sound of God.

We don’t have to live as actors in the dramatic play called Money. We can relax and have fun with money. We can know our own worth way beyond it. Remember, money itself has no value. It is a piece of paper. We have all just gone along with an accepted value of each legal tender.

We can decide in our own lives what is valuable.

I have to share what I believe is the most valuable information I have heard about money and that is: Money is fiction. Which I immediately took to mean that I could believe anything I wanted to about it then.

I will end this post here hoping that you will listen to The Invention of Money on ThisAmericanLife.org where I heard that great statement that money is fiction.

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How to Teach Your Kids About Money – The #1 Way to Give Your Children the Best Financial Future Possible

Don’t Leave Your Kids Out in the Cold.

It’s a new era. Parents are learning not to keep their kids in the dark about finances. Parents now know that early money education means a brighter financial future for their children.

Bring Them Inside, Where it’s Warm.

Parents often keep their children as far away as possible from financial matters. They don’t want to burden children with money issues or feel it is none of their business. Well, you certainly don’t have to give them a break down of your financial life, but you do need to give them an age-appropriate education on money.

Why Do Children Need To Know About Money?

They need to know about finances because using money wisely is a skill. And a skill is learned. Just like you can’t expect your kids to be athletic adults when they spent their childhood eating cupcakes and staying inactive; you can’t expect your kids to leave home and just naturally know how to handle money when no one ever explained finances to them. They need an education. And they need hands-on interaction with money.

Money will always be apart of your child’s life. There is no getting around this. The more they understand how money works, the better.

How to Teach Your Kids About Money.

How do you teach your kids about money–you get help! Sometimes the best parenting comes from knowing what you don’t know. In other words, you reach out and educate yourself.

Who Can Help?

Teaching your kids about money now is one of the best ways to plan for their future. It is also a great way to guarantee your future peace of mind! You want your kids to have a healthy relationship with money and the best time to start that relationship is now.

If you are interested in learning all the tools necessary to guide your children into a bright financial future, visit  Cash Savvy Kids.

How Cash Savvy Kids Can Help You. . .

  • Learn from top financial experts. Surrounding yourself with people smarter than you (experts!) will make you reach heights you never dreamed of.
  • Click on links to other great financial Web sites designed to help you educate your children about finances. Education is going to empower your children to not only live a full life, but to also have a healthy relationship with money.

  • Watch the free Web series featuring 15 expert financial speakers. Watching this series is the perfect way to get all the information you need in an easy and relaxing way.
  • Upgrade for tons of useful and informative, must-have bonuses. A product is quality only if it is useful to you and your child’s life. Cash Savvy Kids is an amazing, quality resource to help you and your child learn about money. It is a life-changing experience. Don’t miss out on all the bonus material.

Get expert advice on how to teach your kids about money here: Cash Savvy Kids

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