Not having gas money to get to work is serious

This reader story over at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is sad.  The last days of the month arrive without enough money left to pay for basic expenses — including gas to get to work (emphasis mine): ” … Right now I have a full time job where I’m paid monthly.  However, my problem is […]

How to Settle Credit Card Debt, Raise Your Self-Esteem & Be-Friend A Creditor

… or at least keep the peace with your creditors! Taking Charge of Your Debt Makes You A Leader. . . Debt is the norm. And what is normal? Normal is conforming to mediocrity. It is easy to justify credit card use when everyone else is doing it. As Earl Nightingale says, don’t play follow […]

3 Crucial Lessons Lafayette from True Blood Can Teach You About Getting Out of Debt

Photo Credit: watchwithkristin Getting your finances in order doesn’t have to be serious and tedious. Why not have some fun and learn a thing or two from True Blood’s Lafayette? What Lafayette Can Teach You Now. . . Lafayette has an eye for opportunity. He saw a demand for “V” and used it to his advantage. […]

Debt Consolidation Loans for Bad Credit

There are a number of seemingly undamaging financial behaviors that may put you at a credit disadvantage. The decision to whether you secure your financing option as well as the corresponding interest rate assignment is simply based on two important factors, your credit score and the details that are listed in your credit report. As […]

Living Debt Free–How to Peacefully Settle Your Debt Now!

Face Your Debt–It Is The ONLY Way Out! It sounds scarier than it is. In actuality, the act of avoiding your debt is what makes it so difficult. When you face something, the fear moves on and productivity takes its place. It is time to take a look at your debt so that you can […]