Does Money Exist?

Back when I got my first car it nearly led to my death. Well, ok, maybe not. But I did have some suicidal thoughts over it. I seriously did, though that certainly doesn’t mean I was suicidal.

The reason for my suicidal thought? Money! I’m sure there are many who can relate. I was young and had no business buying a car without some help from a trusted friend. I really got taken for a ride. I purchased a used Dodge for the price of a brand new SUV.

It took me some time to realize the huge mistake I had made and when I did, I kept my mouth shut. I was embarrassed and angry. I knew the monthly payments were too much for me and that I got very little in return. I thought there was no way to recover. I was in financial ruin and probably going to be homeless and starving!

But guess what happened? Well, 15 years passed with lots of meals and homes and nights slept and comfortable beds. In fact, in the 5,479 days that I have lived since the time I stressed over all the money going to that car, I spent roughly 60 days worrying about it.

I got over it.

Think back. There are certainly many time you thought your life was going to be over because of money and instead you just went on living as normal. Everything turned out fine, didn’t it?

There is a wonderful quote in Stewart Lee Allen’s The Devil’s Cup that says:

There are only three things man needs for life. Air, water, and food. Is it not wonderful that God has provided the first, the most important, air, at no charge!

This is wonderful! We are the ones who place a value on things. Breath is so valuable. If you focus on it enough, you can even find joy in it. In The Tao of Willie, Willie says:

If you concentrate and listen to your own breathing, what you will hear is the sound of God.

We don’t have to live as actors in the dramatic play called Money. We can relax and have fun with money. We can know our own worth way beyond it. Remember, money itself has no value. It is a piece of paper. We have all just gone along with an accepted value of each legal tender.

We can decide in our own lives what is valuable.

I have to share what I believe is the most valuable information I have heard about money and that is: Money is fiction. Which I immediately took to mean that I could believe anything I wanted to about it then.

I will end this post here hoping that you will listen to The Invention of Money on where I heard that great statement that money is fiction.

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