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Financial Planning BudgetingIf you are reading this post, it means you recognize that you need some information. You are helping yourself and that means you don’t have to go at it alone. Congratulations. Allowing a concern to remain in your head only isolates you and the problem never gets to see the light of day. Isolation keeps the concerns alive and well … and escalating. Though, apparently, we don’t believe in conjunctions here at Financial Planning Budgeting, we do believe in good information. Here are some great websites we found that are designed to help you with your Financial Planning Budgeting needs, as well as providing tips on how to be successful, how to stay motivated and inspired, and how to keep growing and live your live fully and joyfully. And yes, your relationship with money will be affected by all this. Enjoy!

  • – Subscribe to this magazine’s newsletter to receive invaluable success tips right in your inbox. Watch videos featuring authors, inspirational speakers, financial experts and more. Watch Earl Nightingale–your life will be changed by his knowledge. Use it to live successfully. Here at Financial Planning Budgeting, we routinely watch this video and we are certain you will follow suit. Read Jillian Michaels’ Tough Love and learn how to create your own reality and stop being a victim. This is also great knowledge to apply to your finances. Also check out Dave Ramsey’s Take Control of Your Finances. Learn to plan and empower yourself. Take time to browse through this entire site and bookmark it. You will return to time and time again to learn about business, relationships, wealth, well-being and more.
  • – Getting a handle on your grocery bill is crucial in financial planning and budgeting. Check out this website’s detailed cooking instructions with accompanying helpful pictures. Also use the links provided to find money-saving coupons.  You can make your grocery list here and sign up for grocery giveaways. Try recipes like $5 tacos, bbq chicken pizza, and so many more. Use these recipes every night of the week. Remember to read the comments left by users for fantastic, tasty, money-saving tips from readers just like you. Print out meal planners to organize and budget your grocery shopping.
  • – Ok, you are probably wondering why a website called Financial Planning Budgeting is linking to an outdoor clothing site. Well, simply, we find the story of Patagonia very inspiring and you will too. This company was founded by Yvon Chouinard–a climber and a highly successful business man featured on the cover of Fortune Magazine. If you are going to learn from the life of someone, make sure that person is going where you want to go. And if you want to do what you love, experience financial success, and practice your love for the environment while at work; then you will love Chouinard.
  • – Get great tips, ideas, and resources on how to save money–this site will meet any financial planning budgeting needs you may have. Bookmark it! Connect with other frugal moms on the forum, watch videos, and find some of the best offers and deals online. The greatest thing about MommySavers is they are all about living well while being frugal. This is about having fun, not feeling a sense of lack or sacrifice. Besides, it feels great to save money! Be sure to read Mom’s Coffee Break to learn key mom information like how to release guilt, have fun, trust yourself, and stay intellectually stimulated. Also check out sections on family finances and tools and read articles on budgeting tips and more. Oh and don’t leave this site without jotting down some recipes from The Frugal Foodie.

Hope you can put these informative and helpful websites to good use in your life. Take a stroll through Financial Planning Budgeting to find more great information.

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