Did your team get kicked out of March Madness? Time to budget!

Fellow personal finance blogger Jeremy Vohwinkle of Generation X Finance was lamenting over at the Wise Bread forums the recent drop in traffic due (allegedly) to the ongoing basketball tourney.  To quote Jeremy: “These people need to turn off the TV and get back to reading about the exciting world of personal finance.”

Hear, hear!  Especially if your team has been kicked out already.  Why are you still watching?  It’s over for your inferior team.  Why add insult to injury by spending your valuable time and adoration on the team that ousted your favorite?  No good reason I can think of.

A great way to ease your sorrow is to replace the time with some self-investment, like making or revamping a budget.  (Or at the very least, if you’re in a bad mood already, why not do something unpleasant and get it over with? 🙂 )  Finding time to invest in yourself is a constant re-evaluation of priorities, and merciless replacement of low-payoff activities with higher-payoff ones.

I don’t really care much at all about college basketball, but I won’t fault you for caring about it if you do.  We all have different ways to recharge.  If you find yourself wondering where all of the time goes, though, then you might consider looking at how you spend your time, and whether some of the ways you spend your time are really that enjoyable.

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