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First things first, write it down! If you want to create a life where you are conscious of what is taking place, you have to write it down. This gives you a clear vision, making it easy to regain control.  Whether you prefer pen and paper or budgeting and forecasting software, you will need budgeting skills and a basic knowledge of how to fully utilize a financial worksheet.  Here are a few of the best online resources (researched by us, for you) that will give you the information you need to have a successful financial life …

  • – This website offers way more than just a financial worksheet … and they offer all different types of those too.  From the net interest calculator financial worksheet to the asset allocation system for retirees to short-term investing and everything in between, you are sure to find what you need to calculate your current financial situation as well as your future finances. Also, while you’re visiting SmartMoney, read informative budgeting articles like 10 Things Cellphone Services Won’t Say and A Happier Happy Hour for Your Wallet. And with constant updates, you’ll be a financial wizard in no time.  Bookmark this site!
  • – Need information, tips, advice, and resources for you or your business? Well, this is the website for you. Use the home budget financial worksheet to manage your living costs and get ahead of the game.  The worksheet is free and easy to use.  Take advantage of other useful tools like the tax withholding calculator, the money guide for military families, tax planning guide, and so much more. Take time to browse the site to find sections that peak your interest, you won’t be sorry for gaining any knowledge from Kiplinger.  Become a member of the forums–a financial community for you to discuss ideas and ask questions.  For those of you new to the financial world, check out the Getting Started Forum.
  • – Women of the world, take control of your finances at Sheconomics–made for women by women! Buy the book and use the website as a great online resource, remember to bookmark it.  Enjoy free downloads that include tip sheets (like The 7 Laws of Sheconomics and How to Have a Positive Money Mindset), logs, and worksheets. Use the monthly income and spending worksheet or the spending and payment plan (or a number of other great tools) as your financial worksheet. Visit the blog to gain much-needed knowledge with posts like Don’t Make an Issue Out of Giving. Enjoy your new and improved financial life, ladies! You will love Sheconomics, no doubt about it!
  • – The Federal Government’s website dedicated to helping Americans learn more about their money-how to save it, invest it, and manage it to meet their personal goals. Find out here how to budget your money according to life events such as losing a job, getting married, or planning for retirement. Be sure to read informative articles like New Employee Saving Tips-Time is on Your Side. Check out resources for youth, military members, teachers, women, and more. Use tools like calculators and checklists.  Find a financial worksheet that will work perfectly for you here too. Print out all the available resources for free and share it with those in your life.

Now that you have all these great online resources at your fingertips, you are certainly excited about your financial future.  So, get out your financial worksheet and have fun taking control of the money you make.  Your money is meant to enhance your life, and you deserve to learn how to allow just that to happen!

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