3 Crucial Lessons Lafayette from True Blood Can Teach You About Getting Out of Debt

Photo Credit: watchwithkristin

Getting your finances in order doesn’t have to be serious and tedious. Why not have some fun and learn a thing or two from True Blood’s Lafayette?

What Lafayette Can Teach You Now. . .

  • Lafayette has an eye for opportunity. He saw a demand for “V” and used it to his advantage. Now, of course, dealing vampire blood eventually turned out rather bad for Lafayette, but there is something to learn here. Keep your eyes open for any (moral and legal) ways to make extra cash. If you can play piano, offer lessons. If you love animals, dog sit when your neighbors go on vacation. All extra cash will go towards paying off your debt. You’ll be debt-free before you know it.
  • Lafayette is honest and brave. Lafayette does not hide his unique fashion-sense or his sexuality. And one would surely be tempted to in a small town where customers of the restaurant you work in think the food you make has AIDS. But Lafayette knows who he is and stands up for himself. When it comes to getting out of debt, bravery and honesty is a must. You have to take an honest look at how you spend your money and you have to be brave enough to live your life for you. Don’t spend your money on trends and fads. Spend your money on truly enhancing your life and paying off your debt. This is an opportunity to be selfish. . . and come out better for it!
  • Lafayette is solution-oriented not problem-oriented. When Tara was suicidal and cried out for her mother, Lafayette put his hard feelings for Lettie Mae aside and gave her a call. Of course, this didn’t end up the way Lafayette wanted (Lettie Mae was still crazy and Tara was still suicidal), but he put his ego aside in an attempt to do the right thing. That is what being solution-oriented is all about–putting your ego aside. There will be many times when you will have to choose what you need to do over what you want to do. Don’t worry though, you will reward yourself with more money and less debt.

Now, give yourself a treat – watch Lafayette and get out of debt!

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