Not having gas money to get to work is serious

This reader story over at Girls Just Wanna Have Funds is sad.  The last days of the month arrive without enough money left to pay for basic expenses — including gas to get to work (emphasis mine):

” … Right now I have a full time job where I’m paid monthly.  However, my problem is that I run out of money by the last 10 days of the month.  I’m in some hot water at work because I often have to call out because I can’t get to work.  This week I was written up because I wasn’t able to come in to work because I had no money for gas. …” ~Jennifer, a reader of Girls Just Wanna Have Funds

This is serious business.  This is a huge downward spiral just waiting to happen.  If money is tight now, it will be really tight if this reader gets fired because she’s not showing up.

Her first priority should be making whatever arrangements necessary to be able to get to work when she needs to.  She needs to keep the money coming in.  If the money stops coming in, she’ll quickly be in default on her debts, and will be delinquent on whatever she’s paying for shelter.

Once she can get to work reliably (but maybe inconveniently) then it’s time to work on the other areas.

Here are some options for lower-cost methods of getting to work:

  • Public transportation.  This may be inconvenient and may take longer, but it’s likely cheaper.
  • Friends and family.  Maybe some work nearby, or are available to take her there as a favor.
  • Ride sharing websites. Depending on her geographic area there may be websites that can match her up with someone who’s passing by where she lives on the way to her workplace.
  • Church and other community organizations.  Some people may offer free rides to work as a ministry or a community service.

Finding a cheaper way to get to work can also be part of her overall debt reduction plan.  If she can get by without a car, then she could sell her car, save on the insurance and upkeep, and use the difference to pay down her debt.

If this isn’t quite enough, then finding a second job or cutting all but the most basic of expenses is the next step.

But first and foremost:  Keep the job and keep the money flowing!

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