Do You Want More Money? Discover 10 Saving Money Tips that Will Put More Cash in Your Pocket.

Simple Ways to Save Money Everyday

  1. Read the weekly sales paper you receive in the mail from your local grocer. Make a grocery list according to what is on sale. Check out the buy one get one free deals.
  2. Give yourself a daily allowance in cash! It is easier to stop yourself from an impulse buy when you actually watch your money being spent. Once your allowance is gone, it’s gone. Keep that promise to yourself.
  3. Eat at home. Not only is it better for your wallet, it is better for your health and your relationships. There is nothing like a home cooked meal (even if that meal is soup and sandwiches) with your loved ones.
  4. Browse your local power company’s Web site. Many times they offer money-saving advice as well as free items. Duke Energy sends free, energy-efficient, long-lasting light bulbs to customers who take a short survey. Read any newsletter that comes with your monthly utility bill. These newsletters let you know of all the great, inexpensive activities going on in the community.
  5. Cancel your gym membership and exercise outside. Go for a walk or jog. Play a game of tennis or touch football. Play hide-n-seek like you did when you were young. You will have way more fun, guaranteed!
  6. Refill the ink in your printer cartridge instead of buying a whole new ink cartridge. A refill is roughly one-third of the price and is better for the environment. Any photo center or office store offers this service. Also check out online stores like
  7. Teach your kids how to save money. Teaching your kids about money is good for you now and great for them later!
  8. Pay your bills on time. Late fees are like throwing money away. Call your bank and tell them to cancel the overdraft program on your account. Though you may be embarrassed if your debit card is declined at the convenience store, you will be glad when you aren’t hit with that $30 overdraft fee.
  9. Downgrade. Do you need all those features on your phone? Maybe you don’t use all of those features, but you certainly pay for them all. Downgrade to a more sensible plan and you could save $20 or more a month. Check with your internet and cable company as well. Cancel magazine subscriptions. Many magazines have informative Web sites that you can access for free.
  10. Plan. Plan. Plan. Plan your meals for the week. Make a grocery list before you enter the store. Plan how much you will spend on entertainment for the weekend. Planning will keep you from over spending. If you know how much you have to spend you are more likely to stay within a reasonable budget.

And remember to teach your kids these great tips too. Let them watch you save money wisely. Giving your kids these healthy habits now, will save them from a lot of trouble later.

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