Financial Advice From Successful People

Sometimes we need some inspiration to get back on track. Here are some great quotes from people who want you to experience your own greatness:

Wayne Dyer, PH.D., Author of The Power of Intention
In an interview with Ray Hemachandra, Wayne Dyer said:

“Money always has come to me, because I always have seen myself as endlessly abundant.”

Dyer goes on to say:
When Francis of Assisi was looking for peace, he didn’t say, “Please give me some peace. I don’t have any peace. I’ve got to have peace.” What he said was, “Make me an instrument of thy peace.” What I say to my source, what I say to God, always is, “Make me an instrument of the abundance that I came from, make me an instrument of thy well-being, and make me an instrument of thy love.” I don’t go to the  the source and ask for money, any more than Francis went to the source and asked for peace.

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Financial Worksheet | Regain Control of Your Finances

First things first, write it down! If you want to create a life where you are conscious of what is taking place, you have to write it down. This gives you a clear vision, making it easy to regain control.  Whether you prefer pen and paper or budgeting and forecasting software, you will need budgeting skills and a basic knowledge of how to fully utilize a financial worksheet.  Here are a few of the best online resources (researched by us, for you) that will give you the information you need to have a successful financial life …

  • – This website offers way more than just a financial worksheet … and they offer all different types of those too.  From the net interest calculator financial worksheet to the asset allocation system for retirees to short-term investing and everything in between, you are sure to find what you need to calculate your current financial situation as well as your future finances. Also, while you’re visiting SmartMoney, read informative budgeting articles like 10 Things Cellphone Services Won’t Say and A Happier Happy Hour for Your Wallet. And with constant updates, you’ll be a financial wizard in no time.  Bookmark this site!
  • – Need information, tips, advice, and resources for you or your business? Well, this is the website for you. Use the home budget financial worksheet to manage your living costs and get ahead of the game.  The worksheet is free and easy to use.  Take advantage of other useful tools like the tax withholding calculator, the money guide for military families, tax planning guide, and so much more. Take time to browse the site to find sections that peak your interest, you won’t be sorry for gaining any knowledge from Kiplinger.  Become a member of the forums–a financial community for you to discuss ideas and ask questions.  For those of you new to the financial world, check out the Getting Started Forum.
  • – Women of the world, take control of your finances at Sheconomics–made for women by women! Buy the book and use the website as a great online resource, remember to bookmark it.  Enjoy free downloads that include tip sheets (like The 7 Laws of Sheconomics and How to Have a Positive Money Mindset), logs, and worksheets. Use the monthly income and spending worksheet or the spending and payment plan (or a number of other great tools) as your financial worksheet. Visit the blog to gain much-needed knowledge with posts like Don’t Make an Issue Out of Giving. Enjoy your new and improved financial life, ladies! You will love Sheconomics, no doubt about it!
  • – The Federal Government’s website dedicated to helping Americans learn more about their money-how to save it, invest it, and manage it to meet their personal goals. Find out here how to budget your money according to life events such as losing a job, getting married, or planning for retirement. Be sure to read informative articles like New Employee Saving Tips-Time is on Your Side. Check out resources for youth, military members, teachers, women, and more. Use tools like calculators and checklists.  Find a financial worksheet that will work perfectly for you here too. Print out all the available resources for free and share it with those in your life.

Now that you have all these great online resources at your fingertips, you are certainly excited about your financial future.  So, get out your financial worksheet and have fun taking control of the money you make.  Your money is meant to enhance your life, and you deserve to learn how to allow just that to happen!

3 Personal Finance Books that Will Change Your Life For Good!

What Personal Finance Books Won’t Do For You:

Ok, when you hear the phrase personal finance books, your mind probably adds a few words of its own to that phrase. Does tedious, boring, and incomprehensible sound about right to you?

Well, for once, rejoice in the fact that you are wrong. Personal finance books are just that, personal! It is human nature to find interest in a subject that is personal to you. And what is more personal than money and your relationship to it? Money affects nearly every aspect of your life in one way or another (you can’t buy food without it, you can’t go to the doctor without it, and you can’t buy that special treat for yourself without it either).

So what won’t personal finance books do for you? They won’t bore you to tears with information that is of no consequence to you. The information they give applies to your life.

What Personal Finance Books Will Do For You:

They will wake you up. They will inspire you to take action. They will give you the simple tools you need to change your life, now!

Personal finance books will change how you live your life. It sounds like an outlandish claim, but it is not. It is as simple as this: it is not how much money you earn that makes a difference, it is what you do with the money you earn that makes the difference. Control your finances and control your life. Let these fabulous personal finance books help you realize your best financial life possible. . .

  • Think and Grow Rich–This personal finance book by Napoleon Hill is in the public domain, so download it off the internet for free! How’s that for immediate savings and results?  This personal finance book will teach you how to change your mind and your income, in fact, you might find some of the invaluable information helpful to other aspects of your life as well.
  • Any Book By Jean Chatzky–If you don’t know who she is, take the time to read About Jean on her blog.  This is a financial expert who really knows how to break it down for those of us who just are not as gifted.  Once you read Jean Chatzky’s blog or her books, you will begin to truly care about your financial well-being.  She has many books to choose from, so take your pick.   Money 911, The Ten Commandments of Financial Happiness, and Make Money, Not Excuses are just a few you can select from.
  • Jim Rohn–A business philosopher whose advice is inspiring, motivating, and practical.  At, you don’t need to be a business person to benefit from the wealth of information.  Jim Rohn is a huge supporter of reading and suggests many personal growth books that will lead you to your own personal success–whatever that might be.  Take what you learn here and apply it to your financial life, you will thank yourself.  Check out this list of personal finance books at Jim Rohn’s website.  There are more than enough suggestions there to keep you reading and growing for years to come. Also, take some time to read his brilliant and highly useful articles on

The Most Important Information You Could Ever Share with Your Children:

Now that you have empowered yourself with personal finance books, it is time to share the wealth.

What is the best gift you can give to your kids? The tools to live their life well.

They need to learn to trust themselves and know that they can make good decisions.  To ensure that they do, learn how to Teach Your Kids About Money here.

NO! NO! Bad Budget!

Photo Credit: Lara604

After listening to Tara Siegel Bernard (Of on Public Radio’s Marketplace speak about finances, I realized I was right on track with letting go of my tight-ass budget.

Bernard suggests not setting up a budget. I, of course, have set up many budgets for myself. I start strict. I aim for perfection and, then, when I inevitably fail, I chastise myself and resolve to start anew again … perfectly. And so the cycle continues (you know, because I’m not perfect).

Bernard says you have to allow for fun and a budget typically does not factor fun in. This is the exact trap I often fall in. I give myself about $20 a month for leisure and envision myself sitting on my cozy couch, wrapped up in a blanket, drinking herbal tea, and reading a book from the library. No need for any more than 20 bucks a month to cover that!

But then, just as Bernard predicts, when I do go out, I go full-out! Because I have starved myself, I buy appetizer, dinner, dessert and a bottle of wine. I purchase 4 shirts instead of just the one. I pay for the friend who can’t afford to go out because I MUST GO OUT!

Well, after a few months of the perfection and failure tennis match, I relax a little with the extreme budgeting. I set-up some basic boundaries. I know all the important places money has to find its way to and I make sure it gets there. And I have some fun.

I stop sitting down at the computer to analyze every penny and every expense. I don’t expect perfection. I live my life and everything still gets paid on time and money still goes into savings as well as in my pocket. Life does seem to run a little smoother without the strict budget that requires nothing less than perfection (i.e. deprivation).

Though I did have a set-back when I noticed I wasn’t micromanaging my budget spreadsheet, and I panicked. I thought, Oh my gosh, I’ve completely failed. I’m back to my old ways of financial irresponsibility. When will I ever change?!?!

All the while, my finances were in order and I was enjoying my life. I made the act of typing out my financial numbers (the budget!) more important than my actual real-life relationship with money. Which was/is very good and getting better as time goes on.

Be sure to check out the articles I linked to. You will find a lot of useful information. And if you do, come back here and leave a comment. We would love to hear about you and your relationship with money.

Does Money Exist?

Back when I got my first car it nearly led to my death. Well, ok, maybe not. But I did have some suicidal thoughts over it. I seriously did, though that certainly doesn’t mean I was suicidal.

The reason for my suicidal thought? Money! I’m sure there are many who can relate. I was young and had no business buying a car without some help from a trusted friend. I really got taken for a ride. I purchased a used Dodge for the price of a brand new SUV.

It took me some time to realize the huge mistake I had made and when I did, I kept my mouth shut. I was embarrassed and angry. I knew the monthly payments were too much for me and that I got very little in return. I thought there was no way to recover. I was in financial ruin and probably going to be homeless and starving!

But guess what happened? Well, 15 years passed with lots of meals and homes and nights slept and comfortable beds. In fact, in the 5,479 days that I have lived since the time I stressed over all the money going to that car, I spent roughly 60 days worrying about it.

I got over it.

Think back. There are certainly many time you thought your life was going to be over because of money and instead you just went on living as normal. Everything turned out fine, didn’t it?

There is a wonderful quote in Stewart Lee Allen’s The Devil’s Cup that says:

There are only three things man needs for life. Air, water, and food. Is it not wonderful that God has provided the first, the most important, air, at no charge!

This is wonderful! We are the ones who place a value on things. Breath is so valuable. If you focus on it enough, you can even find joy in it. In The Tao of Willie, Willie says:

If you concentrate and listen to your own breathing, what you will hear is the sound of God.

We don’t have to live as actors in the dramatic play called Money. We can relax and have fun with money. We can know our own worth way beyond it. Remember, money itself has no value. It is a piece of paper. We have all just gone along with an accepted value of each legal tender.

We can decide in our own lives what is valuable.

I have to share what I believe is the most valuable information I have heard about money and that is: Money is fiction. Which I immediately took to mean that I could believe anything I wanted to about it then.

I will end this post here hoping that you will listen to The Invention of Money on where I heard that great statement that money is fiction.

How to Save Money, Save the Earth & Save Yourself

Get Out of the Country Club

Doing good is inclusive not exclusive. What is the use of going green if it makes you poor and miserable? What is the point of doing something you want if it ruins your home and your health? What is the point of doing anything if it excludes others from your life?

Good, What is it Good For?

First things first, you need to know what good is. Do you even know what is good for you? If you spend money you don’t have and it ends up causing you stress and worry later, you do not know what is good for you. If you make impulse decisions, you do not trust that good things are happening to you and will continue to come.

So, before you go out and save the world while securing your finances, start getting right with yourself. Now don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you have to get it perfectly right before you start taking action – that will just make you into a hermit because you will never get there. Just make it a point throughout the day to engage in an activity that builds your self-esteem. Something boots your self-esteem if it enhances your life and your feelings/thoughts about your life.

The World Weighs A LOT

Don’t take responsibility for the whole world and don’t expect to become a financial expert in one day. That is a sure-fire way to weigh yourself down to a point where you will never be able to get back up again. Remember that you are a crucial part of the environment, so taking good care of yourself is good for the world. Do simple things like save a few extra dollars, recycle, and enjoy your life. Just as Warren Buffett says: It is not necessary to do extraordinary things to get extraordinary results.

5 Ways to Save Money, the Earth, and Yourself

  • Bring reusable bags to the grocery store. It save resources and reduces your grocery bill (most stores take off 10 cents a bag).
  • Bring your own cup to the coffee shop. Many establishments will give you a discount on your coffee.
  • Go vegetarian one day a week at home. You will save money on the meat and give your stomach a break. Also, the resources spent on meat is a drain on the environment. To learn more, check out In Defense of Food by Micheal Pollan at your public library.
  • Learn a craft. Learn to knit or crochet. Engage in painting, woodworking, or pottery. Learn a craft that uses recycled materials. (Check out Creating will be a wonderful weekly release for you. Don’t do it to become great at it (if you do, well that is just icing on the cake). Learn a craft for the act of doing it. Engaging in something creative activates a very soothing part of your brain. Give your creations to friends and families as gifts. Giving does wonders for your emotional state and if you make your gifts, it will do wonders for your bank account too. Buying gifts throughout the year is  really stressful for many people. Who can afford all these obligatory gifts? Your friends will be relieved and inspired to make their own gifts in the future.
  • Drink water instead of soda. Most of us are spending our day dehydrated. Dehydration really takes a huge beating on the body and the mind. Just spend one day drinking water instead of soda and see how much better you feel. Set up a water filter system and get those water bottles out of the dump.

Congratulations on taking these simple but powerful steps. In time, you will come up with ideas of your own. And when you do, share the love and leave a comment about how you save money by saving the earth.